5 easy Goan recipes to try at home

Seafood, coconut, and exotic spices make Goan Cuisine a true delight to the tastebuds. A heady mix of Portuguese and Indian flavors, Goan food is unique and keeps visitors to Goa coming back for more. While the freshly caught seafood and creamy coconut milk give authentic Goan food its distinct flavors, you can achieve pretty much the same effect using the ingredients that are available to you.

Goan life, and well, Goan cooking isn’t about perfection and competition. Cooking on a warm Sunday afternoon with a glass of chilled Urak in hand and the entire family in the kitchen is what makes Goan cuisine redolent of the sussegad, one day at a time Goan approach to life.

We have compiled a few popular Goan recipes for you to try at home using the ingredients you can get your hands on. Whether you’re craving Goan food or you just want to try out a new recipe, you should definitely give this a read.

1) Prawn Masala fry:

Nothing can beat the taste of Goan Rechado Masala. This fiery red spice paste is a delicious blend of heat and sweetness and pairs brilliantly with all types of seafood. You can use this spice paste on fish, mussels and even chicken. This recipe can be eaten by itself or turned into a stuffing for pan rolls, pies and more.

Prawn Masala Fry Recipe

2) Chicken Cafreal

Cafreal Masala is a green marinade made from fresh herbs and spices. Goans traditionally pair it with chicken, but if you are vegetarian then you can experiment with your favorite veggies instead. Originating from the Portuguese colonies, Cafreal is a must-have at Goan weddings and parties. Chicken Cafreal goes best with a side of pan-fried potatoes or potato chips.

Chicken Cafreal Recipe

3) Alsande Tonak Recipe

Black eyed peas in a rich spicy coconut gravy makes for the ideal breakfast dish. Commonly paired with crusty pao in Goa, this dish is also great with chappatis or puris. This recipe can be made with a variety of legumes or vegetables.

Alsande Tonak Recipe

4) Alle Belle ( Goan Jaggery & Coconut Pancakes

Every Goan has fond memories of this sweet tea time treat. Crisp melt in your mouth pancakes stuffed with dark Goan palm jaggery and fresh coconut make for the perfect evening snack and pairs well with a hot cup of tea. Don’t worry if you cant buy Goan palm jaggery, regular cane jaggery will work as well.

Alle Belle Recipe

5) Goan Croquettes

A standard item sold by local food trucks, cafes and bakeries, Goan croquettes are much loved throughout Goa. Traditionally made with beef, these croquettes can also be made with chicken mince. The addition of Goan Choris is optional as well. These are great as starters or as a snack between meals. Using coconut oil to fry them adds a nice authentic touch.

Goan Croquettes Recipe

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