6 things to pack for your Goa Trip in 2019

An exotic beach destination, Goa has this unique vibe that you will never experience in any other state of India. The fresh seafood, Portuguese inspired cuisine, historical monuments, friendly locals and of course, the pristine beaches, make Goa the ultimate spot for a beach vacation. However perfect a destination might be, a little planning always helps to make your holiday even better. One of the major factors to consider in Goa is the warm, humid climate. Being a coastal state, the humidity might take some getting used and can be quite tiring for first-timers. Check out this handy list of things you must pack while planning a trip to Goa in 2019.

1)  Beach Wear:

 Light cottons and other breathable materials are ideal for your beach vacation. Remember to pack your swimwear as you will be spending a huge amount of time in the sea. As even the more high-end restaurants and eateries don’t have a dress code, a few light casuals should suffice for all your outings. If you really can’t find anything suitable where you live, you can purchase your clothes after arriving in Goa. The beach belt teems with a variety of shops and boutiques and you can take your pick from tons of options.

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2)  Reflective Sunglasses: 

Sunglasses with a reflective finish in bright colorful hues are trending this season. These glasses don’t just look cool, they also protect you from the intensity of the sunlight reflected by the sand on the beach. This is light is super bright and can damage your eyes if you are exposed to it for long periods of time. This is especially important in the summer and during the months of October – February. 

3)  Powerbank: 

No holiday is complete without awesome selfies and cool Insta stories. Always remember to carry a power bank with you on your trip to Goa as you don’t want your phone dying on you unexpectedly. During long treks on the beach or picnics in more secluded areas of the state, options for charging your phone will be limited so keep your power bank charged and ready to go.

4)  Sunscreen: 

Sunbathing in Goa is an essential part of your Goa vacation, but dealing with sunburn and dry skin after, can be a nuisance. Carrying an umbrella or covering yourself with a scarf can be troublesome and hamper your fun. Apply a good sunscreen before any trip to the beach and reapply it after bathing in the sea.

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5)  Guidebook and map: 

In the age of Google who needs a paper map right? But what do you do if you lose service? There are some areas of Goa where you lose connectivity so be prepared. A map and a guide book can reduce your reliance on your phone and allow you to continue traveling without a hitch. Guidebooks are often written by locals and they recommend the best restaurants and fun things to do in your area.

6)  Insect Repellent Cream: 

Some of the best beaches in Goa require you to trek through forested areas to reach them. Mosquitos and other insects can become a nuisance especially during and post the monsoons. There’s nothing worse than being eaten alive by mosquitos all night long if your hotel room doesn’t come equipped with any insect-repelling coils or mosquito nets. An insect repellent is a must especially if you are traveling with children.

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