Self Isolation: Great ways to fight boredom indoors

Enjoy the little things:

Okay, maybe we stole that one from Zombieland (LOL) but this is seriously one of the most important things you can do during these stressful times. You have tons of little pick me up moments throughout your normal day even though you might not notice them, getting a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, chatting with your office bestie or hitting the gym. these are all the little things that make your day awesome. Sadly, with COVID-19 all these things are now off-limits. Does that mean you have to be miserable? No of course not silly!

Read that book you never have time for, get back to your favorite indoor hobbies, try out that delish recipe or just set up a video call with your favorite person. The list is endless!

Eat healthy:

I know its tempting to just flake out on the couch with a big bag of chips, but cmon, do you really want to come out of this looking like the humans from Wall-E? Healthy food might not be the most fun but it can definitely make you look and feel awesome. Stock up on lots of fruits, nuts, and veggies and try to avoid chips, chocolate, and other sugary crap. Yes, you will probably snarf the whole lot down in the first 2 days so do yourself a favor and don’t buy them.

Create a routine:

Eating, sleeping, and obsessing about what’s wrong with your life will literally have you banging pots and pans in the balcony after a few days. Try to create a daily routine and stick to it. Eat, sleep, work and exercise at fixed times throughout the day. Not having prior plans will just leave you feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

Vary your activities:

Staying busy doesn’t just mean scrolling through your Instagram feed between heckling phone calls from your boss. Too much screen time takes its toll on your eyes, your sleep patterns and on your mental health. Try something soothing like gardening (plants are awesome right?), playing with your pet or baking.

Limit your exposure to negative info:

The news is nothing but death and gloom so if that’s starting to get you down you definitely need to switch off, Staying informed is great but obsessing over the bad stuff is just not productive. There’s also a ton of b*%&#@$t going around so don’t believe everything you hear.

Be considerate:

If you have domestic help, a driver or any other worker in your household, please remember that their lives have the same value that yours does. Educate them about hygiene protocols, provide them with sanitizers, masks, vitamin supplements or just some monetary support. Please don’t pressurize them to come to work unless its an absolute emergency and definitely don’t cut their pay etc. We have to work together to get through this and being considerate and kind is one of the most important things we can do.

Please do remember to feed the stray animals in your locality. With restaurants, offices, and institutions on lockdown, all these poor creatures will no longer be receiving their daily supply of food. Go out of your way to feed them and make sure that they have clean drinking water, it will all add to your good Karma!

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