Quarantine and Mother’s Day: 5 ways to celebrate the date

An annual reminder to love and appreciate the mother-figures in our lives, Mother’s Day is all about lavish brunches, fancy spa dates, and cute gifts. In the current scenario this day can’t be celebrated the usual way, but does this mean its canceled? We feel that this day can be just as special regardless of what activities you undertake. Your Mom doesn’t care about how much you spend or which restaurant you eat at. It was always about spending quality time with YOU!

Breakfast in bed - order from cafes in Goa

Breakfast in bed

Start the day on a great note by making her favorite breakfast and serving it to her in bed. There are tons of great breakfast recipes online and even tray decoration ideas for Mother’s Day. Make a list of her favorite breakfast items and serve them up! If you can’t be together in person then order her favorite breakfast and have it delivered. A large number of restaurants in Goa are functional for home delivery so ordering in should be a piece of cake! Check out the menus of restaurants like Cafe Ave Maria, Caravela Cafe and Bistro, De Baga Deck Cafe Cotinga, Fes Deli, Frolique, and many more.

Give her a home spa treatment

Even though salons in Goa are now partially open, you can still stay safe by planning a luxury spa treatment at home. Has your mom been complaining about missing her monthly manicure or is a foot massage more her thing? Giving her her favorite spa treatment at home is a great way to make her feel pampered and also for the two of you to spend quality time. Check out some of these easy spa treatments you can do at home.

Watch a mother-daughter movie

Watching a cute mother-daughter movie together is a great way to unwind. We all miss going to the theaters and this could make up for that. Dim the lights and pair it with your favorite snacks for a cinema like atmosphere. Movies like Little Women, Freaky Friday and Mamma Mia are all great options for some mother-daughter TV time.

Happy Hour - Mother's day - Goa  -2020

Organise your own happy hour

Happy hour where you pick the hour and the drinks? And no one will judge you if you get totally sloshed? Amazing right? Throw together some creative snacks and mix up a couple of your mom’s favorite cocktails. Vibe to your favorite music, watch a concert or performance online, or simply chat away the time with your favorite drink in hand. If you can’t be with your mom in person then Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype are great options for a virtual get together.

Mother's Day - Goa - Covid

Learn a new craft or skill

Has your mom always wanted you to sit down with her and work on a new craft or project? Assemble the requirements for a project she has always wanted to work and spend some quality time working on it together. If your mom is a fan of board games, this is another great way to bond. Online cooking classes, dance classes, and yoga tutorials are also a great way to spend time while learning something new.

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