Goa Carnival 2020: The complete guide

Only Goa can throw a party that has the whole of India dying to attend! The Carnival in Goa is all about dancing, drinking, eating some delicious food and letting loose. With streets full of dancers decked in feathers and sequins, floats festooned with flowers, themed dances, wine festivals and Goan – Portuguese food, Goa during the Carnival lets you experience the wonders of Brazil and Portugal in India. Because of all the excitement going on, trying to figure out what to do and where to be, maybe a tad puzzling. Fortunately for you, we have put together a short guide about the Goa Carnival and the various attractions and events being held in Goa during this time.

The festival signifies a time of pagan revelry prior to Lent, a time of fasting and abstinence for the Christians. The Goa Carnival 2020 will begin on 22nd February till 25th February and cover Panaji, Mapusa, Vasco, and Margao. The Carnival will begin in Panaji on 22nd February.

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Things to do

Attend the Carnival Parade:

You can catch the Carnival parade at any of the major cities in Goa, namely – Panaji, Vasco, Margao, and Mapusa. The parade showcases a variety of colorful floats depicting Goan culture, political issues, big brands, and various other themes. Atop the leading float, you will see King Momo, whos appearance signifies the start of the Carnival. Other attractions in the parade are fire eaters, dancers, clowns, jesters and people sporting a variety of curious costumes.

Buy tickets for the Red and Black Ball:

The Red and Black Ball is a Carnival themed dance organised by Clube Nacional, Goa. Don your sexiest red and black attire, wear a mask or paint your face and be prepared to dance the night away. There will be plenty of food and drinks to go around so you can look forward to sampling some authentic Goan fare along with Goan Feni and Urrak (Local alcoholic beverages),

Visit the Samba Square:

The Samba Square in the Jardin de Garcia de Orta, Panaji is one of the many attractions of the Goa Carnival. With stalls serving all kinds of Goan and Portuguese dishes, live music and dancing, the Samba Square is an embodiment of the spirit of Carnival. Sample a plethora of Goan and Portuguese delicacies and binge on a variety of Feni and Urrak cocktails.

Visit the Food and Cultural Festival:

Held annually at the Campal ground in Panaji, The Food and cultural festival is a 3-day event where a variety of restaurants serve their choicest dishes and beverages. Live music, fashion shows, beauty contests, and spot prizes are some of the entertainment programs happening at the venue.

Parties, Dj nights and Dinners:

Attend one of the Carnival-themed parties or DJ nights at Goa’s various nightclubs or sit down to a Carnival themed dinner at select restaurants in Panaji city. With tonnes of events happening all over North Goa, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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Tips to keep in mind:

Book your hotel in advance, as the Goa Carnival is a popular event throughout India and tonnes of people visit Goa during this time. Book you stay well in advance before hotel rates go through the roof.

The roads are terribly crowded during the Carnival parade, so take care of all your personal belongings and beware of thieves and pickpockets.

Plan your itinerary well in advance and check on travel routes and traffic. Always leave a little early keeping in mind the possibility of traffic snarls and roadblocks .

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