Easter and COVID-19: Make the most of the holiday while in quarantine

Easter without new clothes, parties, family gatherings, and elaborate food doesn’t sound like Easter at all, does it? A lesson that we all need to learn from this time is that festivals, special occasions, and family gatherings aren’t special because of all the material things and external glitz that come with them. This Easter can be full of warm loving memories if we only stop focussing on what we lack and start appreciating everything that we have.

Here are some ways in which you can make Easter 2020 special in spite of the lockdown and the unavailability of many of the things that we have always considered essential for an Easter Celebration.

Organize a virtual family lunch:

With all the technology we have today spending time with our loved ones is a piece of cake even though we can’t leave our houses. Organize a virtual lunch with your family using tools like Google Hangouts and Zoom. This way you can all see each other and the delicious food you’ve cooked up for the occasion. Dress up, go all out with table decorations and do whatever you need to to make your meal feel super festive.

Get Crafty:

This is especially important if you have kids. Get them involved in making some cool Easter crafts like painted eggs, cotton bunnies, paper baskets, and more. You can go one step further and let them decorate your house for the festival.

Here are a couple of cool Easter Crafts for kids, if you need some ideas.

Make Easter Treats at Home:

If you have the necessary ingredients, baking or cooking your favorite festive dishes can be a great way for the family to bond. There are millions of simple recipes online and you can search for recipes based on the ingredients that you have at home. For all you Goenkars, here are a couple of places accepting orders for Easter Treats – Confeitaria 31 De Janeiro (8390972269), Dolce Boulevard (9822588993). Magsons Goa is also offering Easter hampers for delivery via Swiggy.

Here are some sample Easter Recipes for inspiration.

Watch a Virtual Easter Service:

You dont have to miss out on Easter Services just because of the lockdown. Churches all over the world are holding online services for their members. Check with your local Parish Priest about online options for this year’s Easter Service. You can even watch the Easter service celebrated by the Pope on the Vatican News Youtube Channel.

Remember the Elderly and the Poor:

Easter is a time of giving and community bonding. Spare a thought for the needy and elderly in your community. Consider dropping off a care package outside your elderly neighbor’s door or distributing some food to the needy in your area. Your generosity could make the day a lot brighter for somebody else.

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