7 awesome ways to have an Eco-Friendly Vacation

World-over tourism is experiencing a subtle shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly options. People are taking responsibility for their role in the environmental crisis and they are carrying these practices with them when on vacation. As an environmentally conscious company, we have compiled a few tips that you can use to ensure that your next vacation is an environmentally friendly one.

Patronize eco-tourism tours and holiday packages

These tours offer you low impact activities like cycling or trekking and allow you to have a great holiday while causing the least damage to the surrounding environment.

Don’t litter

Carry a reusable brown paper/cloth bag with you when traveling. Collect all your waste in this bag and dispose of it responsibly at the end of each day. Try to leave each place you visit a little better than the way you found it.

Carry your own water bottles

One of the mainstays of an eco-friendly vacation is avoiding plastic at all costs. Although carrying around extra weight may be tiresome at times, buying plastic bottles on the go has a huge toll on the environment. Carry your own reusable water bottle and refill it at public water purifiers, at your hotel and at restaurants that offer this facility.

Shop local

Eco-tourism isn’t limited to only caring about the natural environment, it also includes the local people of that area. Patronize local artisans and traders, buy local produce and foodstuffs and always ask to have your shopping wrapped in newspaper or carry your own reusable bags. Local vendors, especially in tourist destinations like Goa, depend on your business to make a living.

Take the train or bus:

Another eco-friendly choice is choosing to travel by train or bus instead of flights or rented cars. Choosing such modes of transport greatly reduces your carbon footprint and they are also very cost-effective.

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Respect the local flora and fauna

A vital aspect of any eco-friendly vacation is respect for the local animals, birds, and plants. Loud noises and music terrify animals and birds and indiscriminate picking of flowers and breaking off leaves and branches could severely damage local trees and plants. Instead of throwing away your waste food, try putting it down for a hungry stray instead. They’ll be super grateful and you’ll avoid wasting any food.

Save water and electricity

Treat your hotel like your home. Wasting resources has the same impact on the environment whether you’re at home or in a hotel. Adhere to garbage segregation rules, switch off the lights when not in use and don’t waste water.

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